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Thread: Old Marineland/Terranea Resort

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    Exclamation Old Marineland/Terranea Resort

    This thread is one of many that has been created to provide information about this particular Southern California dive site. A complete list of threads with information about dive sites may be found here:

    These threads are meant for reference information only. If you have specific questions about any of the information listed here, please start a new thread to ask those questions. New information that comes to light that way can then be added to these threads.

    You can provide information about this site by replying to this thread.

    Here is some general information you can share about this site that people will find helpful. Corrections and changes to this information are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to add things not on this list!

    • Commercial dive boats in the area for off shore diving
    • Diver friendly accommodations
    • Nearby restaurants & bars
    • Directions to the dive site
    • Dive site level of difficulty for access and entry/egress (easy, moderate, difficult, very difficult)
    • Compass headings, GPS coordinates, lineups, etc.
    • Facilities (Toilets, showers, picnic tables, BBQs, camping, etc.)
    • Dive site photos (both topside and underwater)
    • Suitability of a site for snorkelling/freediving

    With your help, this can become a valuable reference for new divers and those visiting from outside the area.


    The Dive Matrix


    Resources for more information about this dive site:

    Long Point (a.k.a. Old Marineland) - California Diving News (updated 3/9/10)
    Old Marineland/Long Point - Pacific Wilderness (**NOTE: This description has NOT been updated since the construction of the Terranea Resort. The photos and descriptors are great documentation of what the site was like before the renovations. Use the California Diving News site (above) for current information.)
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