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Thread: New HOG Bungee Mount Compass !

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    Default New HOG Bungee Mount Compass !

    New HOG Bungee Mount Wrist Compass !


    Our friends at HOG listened once again! We asked for a single source for a bungee mounted precision compass and they came through. We all know that bungee mounting dive instruments makes them easier to use, easier to don and doff and usually we have had to make our own modifications to rubber straps to add those bungees. I remember doing this as far back as 1988 with the old Beuchat Aladin bottom timers and computers ! It wasn't till DSS made after-market mounts for the Suunto computer that it got easier. But the price of the Suunto has gone out of control.

    We now have a precision compass and a custom made rubber boot for that compass with the bungees all ready to go. This is the famous Italian made compass you find in so many consoles and hose mounts. No more modifying. Open the box and go! There are only 100 of these available on this first production run so don't wait on your order!

    HOG Bungee Mount Wrist Compass
    • Check out the features:

    • Rotating Bezel
      Liquid Filled Module
      Rubber Mount
      Includes Bungee
      5 Year Limited Warranty
      Made in Italy

    We are working hard to bring you more and more gear every week. We are committed to providing you the latest products available for online purchase, and as always, outstanding personal service. If you have any questions about our products please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Joel Silverstein, VP COO
    Tech Diving Limited
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    Joel Silverstein, VP COO
    Tech Diving Limited
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    Humm, that mount looks oddly familiar.............. :(

    Innovative dive gear

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