Channel Islands Dive Adventures has the Peace chartered for a single day trip to the west end of Santa Cruz Island on Saturday, March 24, 2012. On a good day, the west end will keep you coming back for more! Santa Cruz has many excellent sites to offer from beautiful kelp forests and large rocky reefs to pinnacles with tons of life on them.

Diving west end of Santa Cruz can be a very exciting experience. Because the west end is more exposed to the weather the dive sites are more dramatic then some of the other areas of Santa Cruz. There are some excellent dives sites at the West end of Santa Cruz such as West Point, Fraser Cove and Forney’s Cove along with some deeper outer pinnacles. From these sites it is a short distance to Gull Island on the back side and Painted Cave (the largest sea cave in the world!) on the front side. West Point, Fraser Cove and Forney’s Cove have some excellent reef structure with lush kelp, fish and other marine life and depths of about 20’-60’ deep. Then there is also some excellent scallop hunting (due to the currents) between Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz islands. The west end dive sites have something for everyone and are good for the photographer, sightseer or hunter. One thing is for sure, the further west you get on Santa Cruz, the better the diving gets.

Trip Details
Where: Peace to West Santa Cruz Island
Depart from:Ventura Harbor
When: Saturday, March 24, 2012
Time: Board on Friday night, March 23rd after 8:00pm with the Peace departing at 4:00am on Saturday, March 24th
Cost: *$155.00 includes 4 dives, meals, air & reserved bunks (bunk layout)
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To sign up and pay for trip or if you have any questions, please contact Ken at or call 805 469-7288